Why is it important to vote?

As a descendant of Rāhiri and a member of a hapū from the Ngāpuhi confederation, you make the ultimate decisions about the direction that Ngāpuhi should take. Your vote and that of your whānau is important for this to proceed or not. If the required majority of Ngāpuhi and ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi support the evolved mandate then the Ngāpuhi settlement will proceed.

I'm not sure if I'm registered with Te Rūnanga Ā Iwi O Ngāpuhi, how can I check?

You can check with at any one of the round 4 information hui or by contacting by calling 0800 666 044 (tollfree) or emailing

If the vote favours the evolved mandate proposal what will happen next?

Subject to Ministerial recognition, the agreed changes will need to be put in place. For any hapū who want to withdraw, they can follow the withdrawal process in the evolved mandate. It will take approximately 4 months to complete that process. For those who remain, they can start refreshing, if need be, their hapū kaikōrero, establishing their rohe negotiation bodies (RNBs) and appointing their RNB negotiators. Once the RNBs are in place, then the hapū through their RNBs can work towards signing off terms of negotiation with the Crown (the terms of negotiation set the parameters for negotiations). After terms of negotiation are signed negotiations would commence.


If the vote rejects the evolved mandate what will happen next?

If the evolved mandate is rejected any settlement with Ngāpuhi and their hapū will not progress any further at this time.

What happens to my whakapapa information?

All special votes are subject to confirmation of whakapapa. This confirmation will be done by a Ngāpuhi whakapapa confirmation committee using information provided on your Special Vote Registration Form. This information will be held confidentially and destroyed by after the vote process is complete. The special voting pack will contain a registration form and a special vote. The special vote (whether cast online, by post or at a hui) will only be counted if your Ngāpuhi whakapapa (genealogy) is confirmed by the whakapapa confirmation committee when they meet on Sunday, 9 December 2018.

When does voting close?

12pm midday on Friday, 7 December 2018. We recommend you post your completed voting paper by Tuesday 4 December to ensure it is delivered on time.


Whakapapa Confirmation FAQs

Who decides who will sit on the whakapapa confirmation committee?

Hapū themselves will confirm who will sit on the whakapapa confirmation committee. At each of the hapū hui being held within the Ngāpuhi rohe, names of kuia and kaumātua recognised by the hapū in a rohe as being knowledgeable on whakapapa will be sought and confirmed at the hui.  

Those confirmed will need to attend a Whakapapa Confirmation hui on the 12th of December 2018 to confirm the whakapapa of registrations from hapū within their rohe. 

Where will the whakapapa confirmation hui on the 12th of December take place?

The hui will take place at a central location to all six Ngāpuhi rohe. Te Rōpū Tūhono will advise the whakapapa confirmation committee of the venue no later than Monday the 10th of December. 

I’m worried that my whakapapa information may not be kept confidential. How will Te Roopu Tuuhonu ensure confidentiality?

All information will be held securely by Once the whakapapa confirmation process is complete, will then destroy all of the information.

Who is is New Zealand’s leading independent election management service company. Their vote processing functions are executed solely in-house by staff using their own systems and resources which guarantees integrity in what they do.

What consideration has been given to assisting, supporting and resourcing kaumaatua and kuia to participate in the whakapapa confirmation process? 

We understand the importance of ensuring our kaumātua and kuia are supported to participate in this critical process. All travel costs will be covered, and each committee member will be paid for their time at the hui.