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The 4 steps needed to demonstrate how hapū have made their decision on the evolved mandate


Step 1

Any hapū member can notify OTS of a desire to convene a hui-ā-hapū by completing the application form to hold Ngāpuhi hapū endorsement hui (PDF 74KB). OTS will notify and publicly advertise giving at least 14 days public notice of hui, including an advertisement published in a newspaper and publicised on the OTS website.

Hui ā-hapū must be held between Friday, 16 November 2018 and Sunday, 9 December 2018.

All hapū endorsement hui must be advertised through OTS and no hui will be advertised after Sunday, 25 November 2018. OTS will not consider any hapū endorsement hui applications after 3pm on Friday, 23 November 2018.

Hapū decisions on endorsement will be required to be submitted to either:

Ngāpuhi Team

Office of Treaty Settlements

SX 10111


or: ngapuhifeedback@justice.govt.nz and be received before 12pm midday on Monday, 10 December 2018.


step 2

Holding the hui-ā-hapū to decide whether the hapū support the evolved mandate proposal.

Records are to be taken of the hui and the process used at it, in case the process is contested. Hui must have an attendance register and be minuted.

The only item of business of the hui-ā-hapū must be making a decision on whether to endorse the evolved mandate including a decision by the hapū on the options for determination.

Funding will be made available by OTS to support the hosting and facilitation of these hui.

Application form to hold hapū endorsement hui (PDF 74KB)


step 3

Hapū deciding whether to endorse the evolved mandate as per hapū tikanga (vote or otherwise), by deciding on the following resolution at the hui-ā-hapū:

·       [Hapū name] do/do not endorse the evolved mandate proposal to represent all of Ngapuhi including ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi in negotiations with the Crown for the comprehensive settlement of all Ngāpuhi historical Treaty of Waitangi claims and Crown breaches against Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi.

·       In addition, if hapū endorse the evolved mandate proposal, hapū will be asked to provide their position on Ngāpuhi ki waho i te rohe representation (urban), kuia/kaumātua representation and Te Rūnanga ā Iwi o Ngāpuhi representation on the Mandated Ngāpuhi Authority.

·       Only members of a hapū may participate in the decision (whether by vote or otherwise). Hapū must provide a kuia/kaumātua to be present at the hui with knowledge of the hapū whakapapa and tikanga to assist any potential participant in confirming their eligibility. If you require support for this, please contact one of the technical advisors.

·       If hapū do not endorse the evolved mandate proposal, any decisions made about kuia/kaumātua, urban and Rūnanga representatives will not be considered.

Technical advisors


Step 4

Submit to OTS via email (ngapuhifeedback@justice.govt.nz), or post the following information:

·       Hapū endorsement form for Ngāpuhi evolved mandate (PDF 207KB) with notice of support or not of the resolution and confirmation of the hapū decision on the options (if endorsement is supported)

·       Attendance register

·       Record/minutes of the hui

·       Contact name

·       Copy of newspaper advertisement.

Information is to be received before 12pm midday on Monday, 10 December 2018.


Online voting at hapū endorsement hui

Several hapū have recently proposed online voting at their hapū endorsement hui. Te Rōpū Tūhono want to clarify that voting results from hapū endorsement hui that include online voting at the hui will not be accepted. Voting over livestreaming including Facebook does not provide sufficient ability to notify and verify online voters for the process to be safe and robust.

Te Rōpū Tūhono have made one exception to this rule for those hapū who had their hui at Parawhenua Marae on 17 November. The potential option of online voting using Facebook was raised a few days before the 17 November hui ( after the date the hui was officially advertised). There was then some confusion at the actual hui over the status of online voting which the hapū resolved to approve.

Te Rōpū Tūhono will not accept results that include online voting or proxies for future hapū endorsement hui. However, in order to provide for concerns about how hapū members outside of Te Whare Tapu o Ngāpuhi can participate in hapū endorsement hui, Te Rōpū Tūhono will accept a vote that combines the vote at the hapū endorsement hui with the vote of hapū members in the Ngāpuhi-wide postal vote. If hapū members want this combined vote, the hapū endorsement hui must specifically resolve this. A final combined count and the result for hapū who choose this combined vote will be known and reported by the Office of Treaty Settlements after the final vote count by the Independent Returning Officer on 17 December.

Age of voters at hapū hui

Some confusion has arisen around the age of eligibility to vote in hapū endorsement hui for the evolved mandate. For a hapū endorsement decision to be accepted by Te Rōpū Tūhono, those voting must be aged 18 or over at the time of the hui. This is consistent with the age requirement in the Ngāpuhi-wide vote where voters must be aged 18 or over.

Call for new hapū endorsement hui - Te Uri Taniwha, Ngāti Hineira and Ngāti Korohue

On 17 November, a hapū endorsement hui was held for Te Uri Taniwha, Ngāti Hineira and Ngāti Korohue at Parawhenua Marae. The hui was advertised as a hapū endorsement hui where hapū members in attendance at the hui would make a decision on the evolved mandate proposal in line with the criteria for hapū endorsement hui. It has been reported to the Te Rōpū Technical Advisors that at the hui online voting was provided. We understand hapū members present at the hui raised concerns with this process, particularly around how online voting was notified and how verification would be carried out. It was reported by the independent observer that the hui resolved to provide for online voting to be carried out over an extended period and through a process to be agreed by a group of hapū members delegated this task. This subsequent process has not been notified or carried out. The hui facilitator has informed the Te Rōpū Tūhono technical advisors that the hapū working group has resolved to not implement this subsequent online process. Because this outcome is not in accordance with the decision of the hui, Te Rōpū Tūhono does not consider the outcome of this hui can be accepted. Therefore, Te Rōpū Tūhono is calling for new applications to hold a hapū endorsement hui for Te Uri Taniwha, Ngāti Hineira and Ngāti Korohue. Please note, as with all applications for hapū endorsement hui, please apply by 3pm, Friday 23 November and provided to the Office of Treaty Settlements.


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